Wanting to live near the beach in Mexico near Loreto, Baja, California? Would you take a scenic two hour drive to save more than $100,000? If you are considering buying a retirement or vacation home in Loreto, Mexico, we can save you thousands of dollars at The Cove Community. Don't wait. Housing prices are going up. Call me, I'm easy to talk to and I know a lot about real estate and living in Baja, California. This call is free and I'm available 7 days a week. Toll-free from the US and Canada, 800 409 6320.
Santa Rosalia property photo

Custom built, seaside homes
with clear title

Every lot has underground electricity,
great fresh water and a sewer system.
Financing available.

2 bedroom home with clear title
Only 100 yards from the ocean
Great weather, safe and secure,
excellent fishing and great views.


We can help you design and build the house of your dreams.
Our architect/builders can help you create a design and floor plan that is perfect for you.

Please read this:

There is no violent crime here. Our development is 550 miles from the border. This is one of the safest places in the world. Yes, there are violent places in Mexico as there are in the US, but not here. The people here are warm and friendly just like any small town in the US.


If you are looking for a vacation home, a place to retire or a great investment NOW is the time. THE COVE is the perfect place to enhance your lifestyle while increasing your net worth.

The COVE COMMUNITY is located on San Lucas cove about eight miles south of Santa Rosalia and is about 550 miles south of the border on the Sea of Cortez, on the beach at the foot of the Sierra San Pedro mountains. You can see maps and satellite photos on our Maps and Satellite Views page.

If you are thinking of a vacation or retirement home in Loreto you must check out the Cove. All the amenities of Loreto at half the price and only 100 miles away. Save thousands!

You can easily fly or drive to the area. Check our Travel Options page.

Just north of the Cove property lies the work-a-day town of Santa Rosalia. Santa Rosalia is a bustling town of about 15,000 people with restaurants, banks, a famous bakery, grocery stores and a hospital. They have a deep water port and ferry service daily to the mainland. San Marcos Island lies about four miles off shore from the Cove property and the fishing is some of the finest anywhere.

The climate is wonderful, often described as "Mediterranean," averaging around 70-75 degrees in the winter with cool nights. The summer is a warm 80-95 degrees but there is always a nice breeze in the afternoon. Importantly, the water is swimmable, without a wet suit, most of the year ... unlike the Pacific coast farther North.

The photos (Photo Gallery Page) are actual photos of the property taken with my little digital camera. The sun rises over San Marcos Island and sets over the mountains behind the property. The views are awesome, this is one of the most beautiful properties anywhere. Come join us. Live the good life in the sun and by the sea.

Live well,

George Wade

P.S. If you're serious about owning seaside land in Baja call me toll free at 800 409 6320 while prices are still low. (615 104 2566 Mexico).

When you visit us, save your receipts! Upon closing on any Cove Community property, we will credit the FULL COST of your visit (food, hotel, gas, rental car, tolls, airfare ... the whole enchilada) up to $2000. Enjoy a real Baja Vacation on us.

Also, until the lots are sold out, R.V.'s can stay on the property overnight for free! Kindly e-mail me before you make the trip so we can work out the details.


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